The girl who got trapped in the echo

....of her own verbal bullshit.

2 March 1982
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My beautiful wife of 12 years :)

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I'm Dazy, 26 and a graphic design student, artist and photographer from Ayrshire, Scotland - many of my friends have managed to escape but Stoo and i remain here, wallowing in self pity, pretending we're still 18 and drinking more than should be healthy!

I live down the harbour, traditionally the official spot for matters of ill repute, which suits me fine. Although, i hear i live on the wrong side (I live on the south - the B-Gals live on the north). I have been in a relationship for 12 years (yes people, we met when i was 14) We barely argue but thats only because we slag the shit out of each other on a daily basis. Stoo and i have tried to do all the official stuff but for some reason, we are just not suited to conventional ties but we love each other very much. Instead of having children, we are owned by 3 cats. Yes, owned.
I don't take anything too seriously and i try not to rise to any bullshit. I have seen and done a lot in life and try my best to be understanding but i say what i think. My personality and sense of humor is dry, sarcastic and sometimes on the bitter side but i class myself as a loyal friend.

If you are interested in adding me to your friends list, please go ahead. I'll try to comment on your journal whenever possible.

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